We are happy to have you as our Guest at VILA SIGAL BERAT.

Compliance with the rules below enable us to ensure that you have a peaceful and safe stay.

  1. VILA SIGAL BERAT Rules and Regulations document is valid from 1st December 2018 for the indefinite period of time.
  2. Commencement of stay in VILA SIGAL BERAT is equivalent to acceptance of these Rules and Regulations.
  3. Upon check-in, the Guest is obligated to present to the Reception staff a document with a photograph confirming his/her identity (valid ID or passport). If the Guest refuses to produce a document making it impossible to determine his/her identity, the Receptionist will have to refuse to issue the key to the room and enter into the hotel agreement.
  4. The Receptionist has the right to refuse to register the Guest without giving a reason for the refusal.
  5. In the registration card the Guest personally enters his/her full name and signs it if request.
  6. On the Guest’s request the Receptionist is obligated to enter the remaining check-in details from the identity document. The Receptionist cannot keep the Guest’s identity document.
  7. Rooms in VILA SIGAL BERAT are rented by the hotel night. The hotel night lasts from 14:00 till 12:00 the following day.
  8. If a Guest has not specified the duration of his/her stay, it is assumed that the room was rented for one night.
  9. The Guest should notify the Reception of his/her wish to prolong his/her stay beyond the duration indicated on arrival by 9:00 of the day on which the rental period expires. The Hotel shall grant the Guest’s wish to prolong the stay subject to availability.
  10. If the Guest leaves the room after 12:00 the Hotel will charge a fee for the next night at the price prevailing on the given day.
  11. Guests may not hand the room over to other persons, even if the night for which they paid the due amount has not elapsed.
  12. Quiet time at the Hotel lasts from 23:00 to 7:00 of the next day. During quiet time, Guests and persons using the Hotel services have an obligation to behave properly and not to disturb the peace of stay of other persons.
  13. Persons who are not checked in at the Hotel may remain in the hotel room from 08:00 to 22:00. Stay in the hotel room of persons who are not checked in after 22:00 is equivalent to the Guest’s consent to add such persons to his/her room for a fee. Addition of each person shall take place at the current price of an extra bed for an adult, based on the currently prevailing pricelist.
  14. VILA SIGAL BERAT is a hotel for adults only. Children visiting the hotel, i.e. have to be under constant care and supervision of parents. Damages or losses caused by children are the responsibility of their legal guardians.
  15. Smoking cigarettes and tobacco products is completely prohibited in VILA SIGAL BERAT premises, including rooms and balconies, in accordance with the low no.9636 on protection of health against the consequences of the use of tobacco and tobacco products. Breach of the smoking prohibition in the hotel room is equivalent to the Guest’s consent to cover the costs of deodorization of the room in the amount of 500 EUR.
  16. Guest bears full material and legal responsibility for any loss, damages or destruction of hotel furnishings and appliances resulting from his/her fault or from the fault of his/her visitors.
  17. For Fire safety reasons, it is forbidden to use water heaters, irons and other electrical appliances in hotel rooms and other areas that are not part of such rooms’ or areas’ equipment. The above provision does not apply to charges and power supplies of radio and TV and computer equipment.
  18. Each time the Guest leaves his/her room he/she should make sure the door is locked, including windows and balcony doors.
  19. The Guest has an obligation to keep money, securities and valuable items, including jewelry and items of scientific and artistic value in a free hotel deposit at the Reception. The Hotel has the right to refuse to accept for safekeeping money, securities and valuables, in particular jewelry and items of scientific or artistic value, if they threaten the safety or have high value in relations to the size and standard of the VILA SIGAL BERAT or if they take up too much space.
  20. The Guest should immediately notify the Reception of any loss, damage or destruction of any item as soon as possible after it is identified.
  21. The Guest should keep luggage in the room or in designated places.
  22. Any items left behind by the Guest in VILA SIGAL BERAT, shall be returned on request at his/her expense. If such an instruction is not received,  shall store the items for the period of 3 months, and then to give the items away to charity of its choice or dispose of them. The Hotel does not store food or perishable items.
  23. In the event of breach of these Rules and Regulations VILA SIGAL BERAT may refuse to provide further services to the person who breaches them. Such a person is obligated to immediately comply with the demands of VILA SIGAL BERAT Staff, pay the amounts due for the services provided so far, pay for damages, if any, and leave the hotel premises.
  24. VILA SIGAL BERAT may refuse to accept a Guest who grossly breached VILA SIGAL BERAT Rules and Regulations during previous stay, afflicting a damage to hotel property or to other Guests, hotel Staff or who in any other way disturbed the peace in VILA SIGAL BERAT.
  25. VILA SIGAL BERAT does not own the car park. Leaving a car at the public car park does not constitute entering into a storage agreement. VILA SIGAL BERAT shall not be liable for damage of the car or loss of or damage to items left in it.
  26. VILA SIGAL BERAT provides services according to its standard. In case the Guest has any complaints regarding the quality of the services, he/she is requested to report them at the Reception desk. Due to the historical character of the building, there may be exemptions from the requirements for the equipment and range of services.
  27. VILA SIGAL BERAT is obligated to ensure the safety of Guest’s stay, including confidentiality of information about the Guest.






  • Police 129- Call this number for an emergency linked to the maintenance of public order and security. Police intervention is necessary in the case of theft, robbery, shootings, kidnappings, violations.
  • Fire Brigade 128- It is appropriate to call the Fire Brigade when someone needs urgent technical intervention for example in case of fires, presence of radioactive materials, when there are people or animals who need immediate technical help, in the presence of flooding or other natural disasters, or gas leaks.
  • Traffic Police 126call this number for an emergency linked to of traffic laws.
  • First Aid 127- The number is active on the whole national territory, dial it to receive first aid and if you need to be transported to the nearest hospital.







Reception Number +355 32 234 605

Management Number +355 68 80 66792

Tourist Information +355 32 234 605

Taxi +355 32 234 605



Vila SIGAL BERAT wish you an enjoyable stay.